What to do in The end ?

The End dimension is the most dangerous place in Minecraft. Players will find end stone islands in the End as they explore it.

Be careful when visiting the End islands as there are many endermen that can be found here. One of three mobs found in this dimension is the endermen.

However, Minecraft's End dimension offers many interesting activities for players.

5) Make an enderman farm

It is easy to create an enderman farm because there are tons of enderman in this dimension. Notably, endermen drop ender pearls upon death.

Even though players won't need many ender pearls, it is well worth the effort to create this farm.

4) Find the end cities

End cities are the only structures that can generate in the End dimension. Players will find loot chests containing valuable items, such as diamonds, while exploring these cities.

It is difficult to find an end city. Players will need to build bridges between blocks, as the End is filled with islands.

3) Farm shulkers

The shulkers are hostile mobs that can be found in cities. They drop shulker shells upon their death that can be used for crafting shulker boxes.

Minecraft version 1.17 allows players to farm shulkers in an efficient and new way. It is available for interested readers to learn more from here.

2) Stop the Ender Dragon

Ender Dragon is a boss mob that Minecraft players must defeat. After the player has properly armed themselves, they can face the Ender Dragon.

The Ender Dragon drops tons of XP orbs upon defeat. A dragon egg is also displayed on the top of the exit portal.

1) Acquire elytra

Elytra is one the most unique items in the game. It can be used to glide through the Mineraft world. It is found in end ships, which may generate with end towns.

Experienced Minecrafters use firecrackers to increase momentum and fly with an Elytra.