Penguins in Minecraft

Minecraft gamers return years later than the original release for many reasons. Exploration is one of the main reasons. There are many discoveries to be made in the game's largest worlds. These worlds are alive with many passive, neutral, hostile mobs. Many Minecraft servers add their own mobs to this game. One player could add another, despite the variety.

A Reddit user, PolygonalTriesToHard, shared a video of a Minecraft project that they'd just completed. This was not a typical project. Reddit user said that they had added penguins to the game by using a resource pack they created. The creator used an egg as a method to create a penguin from scratch. It was small and flightless and had a cute design. It had yellow eyes and black feathers. The mob's blocky design was perfect for the voxel style. The creator not only created the tiny penguin from the ice biome but also revealed that it could walk.

PolygonalTriesToHard also shared details about the resource pack in Reddit comments, in addition to showing the penguin in a short video. The creator said that they created the idea of adding penguins to Minecraft as they loved the concept of biome dependent mobs and felt the game needed more. Complementary shaders were also used in the video to improve the appearance of the mob. They also discovered that one of the most difficult aspects of the project was getting penguins to spawn in cold biomes.

Unsurprisingly, numerous members of the Minecraft community took notice of this impressive penguin resource pack made by PolygonalTriesToHard. Many found the design of this mob adorable, with over 800 upvotes in just one day. Some users praised the waddle animation of the creature, and others commended the design. One user commented, "This is the cutest thing ever!" Some fans also wished Mojang would add penguins in the unmodified Minecraft version, as they felt the cold biomes were too barren. You can find servers that have this mod on your favorite Minecraft server list.

This is only one of the many amazing projects that players have completed in Minecraft. Another fan created a creepy hand in Minecraft, along with the penguin resource pack. It will be fascinating to see what creations other gamers make as they continue to play the game in the months to come. They are sure to be spectacular, if this PolygonalTriesToHard resource pack is any indication.