Magical creatures in Minecraft

The closest thing to magic in Minecraft is the effects of potions. This is only for players. Special powers are available to many mobs to kill their enemies.

In certain cases, players may receive a death message stating that they were killed by magic. Magic is currently only available to mods-equipped players. Although developers may eventually add magic powers to players, that is too optimistic thinking.

The game still has powerful magic-wielding monsters that players must face. This article lists powerful hostile mobs that can use specific attacks in Minecraft.

Mobs in Minecraft that can use magic


Stray is a skeleton mob that spawns only in cold biomes. These mobs are similar to regular skeletons, but they wear a grey, torn robe. Their main strength lies in their Arrow of Slowness.

Arrows of Slowness are used to slow down enemies' movement speeds for up to 30 seconds by strays. Strays can be killed to earn arrows slowness. A skeleton spawner and powdered snow can be used to create a stray farming operation.

4) Shulker

Shulker is one of the most rare mobs in Minecraft. This mob, which is a block-shaped block, only spawns at the end of cities. The shulker shoots a magic bullet when it senses an enemy.

The Levitation status effect lasts ten seconds when this bullet is fired. Players can experience fatal falls damage by falling from heights due to Levitation effects. To survive the fall, players can use an ender pearl and a water bucket.

3) Elder guardian/guardian

Regular and elder guardians both have a special Ray beam-type attack that deals continuous damage and follows the player. To evade this attack, players can hide behind a block to avoid their eyes. All guardians are protected by invisible protection such as the Thorns Enchantment.

2) Ender Dragon

Ender Dragon, the last boss of Minecraft, rules over the main island in End dimension. It is capable of launching dangerous and interesting attacks at its enemies. It can fire magical fireballs at its enemies, launch them into the air, and spew dangerous dragon's breath.

1) The Wither

Players can summon the Wither, an optional boss mob. It is much more difficult to defeat the Wither than Ender Dragon. It can launch wither skulls, which cause massive explosions and inflict Wither status to enemies. To protect itself, the Wither can also create wither skeleton skulls in Bedrock Edition.