Cars in Minecraft ?

Wed Jan 11. 2023

Cars in Minecraft ?

If you are sick of driving around in your Minecraft minecarts, then it is time to upgrade or install an add-on mod that features cars, trucks, or other automobiles.

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition's Marketplace allows players to find many mods and/or extensions that will allow them to cruise around their worlds in style. World of Cars has large areas with roads, races and jump ramps.

This allows players to go further with their means of moving around. It provides fun tracks and tricks, as well as the ability to drive at a greater speed than minecarts, horses or walking across a landscape.

While Minecraft: Bedrock Edition users can technically download mods and add-ons from third-party sources, installing them is much easier when using the Marketplace.

All players have to do to access the marketplace is click the marketplace button from their main menu. The majority of the car content in the marketplace can be accessed through custom maps. Players can either filter their search to find the correct car map or simply search keywords like "cars" and "race" in marketplace's search field.

There are many car mods, maps and add-ons available in Minecraft's marketplace. It can be difficult to choose one piece of content from a sea of thousands. The marketplace offers many great options for car buyers:

After finding the right content for Minecraft, players will likely need to buy Minecoins (or Tokens if they don't have them yet) in order to create their world.

It will cost real-world currency via microtransactions. However, players have the option of purchasing Minecoins directly to pay for Minecraft marketplace content. If you are not happy with the exchange rate between real-world currency or Minecraft's virtual currency it may be worth paying directly.

Players will want to download maps as the majority of car content is in the form map. Then, they can return to their main menu.

You can then create a new Minecraft world with single player, or you can upload the map directly to a Minecraft realm. You can even use the map for a hosted multiplayer server in certain circumstances, though this is subject to limitations depending on what hardware players are using Bedrock Edition on.

Players will still be able to access custom maps purchased from the market when they create a new world.

They just need to select the car-themed map they want and then hop in the game. The world will be generated quickly and players will soon be cruising along in style.